Veterans Technology Systems  Fighting The Covid Matrix One Test at a Time

In the blockbuster sci-fi film, THE MATRIX, the sentient would relentlessly pursue the completion of its mission unless destroyed. The COVID virus is our modern-day sentient. It relentlessly spreads and mutates into new variants such as the now-dominant Delta variant. Because of its relentless spread, authorities warned that the biggest wave of the COVID pandemic is yet to come.

So the real question is this:  are we fully prepared for an even larger surge and the greater need for real-time full diagnostic testing that comes with it? In the first wave of the pandemic, COVID testing labs were clearly not prepared to handle the demand, nor were there enough labs available in most cases. 

Veterans Technology Systems (VTS) has the only patented, mobile CLIA Certified In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) labs available. These labs can readily be deployed for real-time PCR and flow Cytometry testing – any time and anywhere in the world.   


Veterans Technology systems is currently partnering with FlowMetric Life Sciences. VTS  recently obtained a provisional patent on the first mobile In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) laboratory. This partnership has been in the making for the past four years. By sharing VTS’ mobile lab technology platform and combining it with FlowMetric Life Sciences’ expertise in immune response with their powerful Flow Cytometry technology platform, we created and brought to market an innovative COVID antibody test that delivers:

  • Specificity and >99% sensitivity (>14 days post-COVID symptoms)

  • Ability to differentiate an infection due to virus exposure vs. vaccine response

  • Detection of antibodies over a wide dynamic range

  • Simultaneous identification of antibodies to multiple SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) proteins Double the amount of information over the same testing time period vs. ELISA platform


The mobile IVD lab represents a paradigm shift in the battle against COVID using flow cytometry—and for the first time to be able to do this using a mobile lab platform. One of the main reasons this is possible is the development of the Flow Seismic Table By VTS that allows flow cytometry to operate in a stable and controlled environment. FlowMetric Life Sciences is currently providing advanced mobile real-time COVID  testing for Neumann University, Penn State University, and Delaware County College. VTS is providing the mobile labs for the flow metric test programs. So far we have provided the lab for Neumann University and are currently completing the second lab for Penn State University. VTS has identified six additional units that can be converted to fill the demand FlowMetric has created for more college testing on behalf of other clients.

By using the Homeland Security Presidential Directive twenty-one (21) 

This directive establishes a National Strategy for Public Health and Medical Preparedness which builds upon principles set forth in Biodefense for the 21st Century and transforms our national approach to protecting the health of the American people against all disasters, which also declared the nation's mandate necessary for protective actions. The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) can use the US Air force for outbreak emergency equipment  Deployment in the US as well as the alliance between the state governors. For use of the  Air National Guard.


Veterans Technology Systems is strategically located in Seaford Delaware which allows us to have direct easy access to the Dover Delaware Air Force Base, as well as the Delaware air National Guard which is located in Newcastle Delaware the map below, shows the directions between VTS and the deployment routes of the two destinations.

Veterans Technology Systems plan providing an agreement will have on 24-hour standby a fleet of Mobile Diagnostic Laboratories (MDL’s) ready for immediate deployment anywhere in the US Dedicated to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) the systems will be routinely maintained as well as equipment calibrated monthly to ensure full operational readiness at a moments notice.

Testing & Masking (T&M) The new norm