Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does it detect the coronavirus? Using the same genetic PCR based techniques that the CDC currently uses

   2. What do you have to offer to positively impact Coronavirus treatment? A self-contained compact BSL2-BSL4 mobile laboratory that fits on the back of a standard-size pick-up truck or trailer capable of rapid diagnosis of the COVID virus.


  3. What major advantage does it confer over standard laboratories? Able to reach anywhere a truck can access either by road, water, or airdrop. Thus, the lab can follow the virus transmission rapidly accelerating diagnosis and aiding control.

  4. How much does it cost? A small fraction of a standard laboratory.

  5. Are there any drawbacks that need to be mentioned? No, the lab can do the same number of tests any standard laboratory can in the same amount of time if not quicker.

  6. How long will it take to build.? VTS can have a build rate of 5 units or more per month.

  7. Are the test validated? Yes

  8. How quick can patient results be available? Data transmission is instant following analysis. from sample draw to result is 2 hours.

  9. Can it operate 24/7? Yes, the lab has 3 sources of power one of them being solar and another being onboard DC power and also 120vac

 10. Is it safe? Yes. The lab houses 2 technicians equipped with full laboratory PPE and respirator.